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Susan Shaw is the sole proprietor of Wellness Encompassed and Blissful Beginnings & Beyond.  Susan began her career in the healing arts in February 1992 after working more than 15 years in the business community.  Her first company was 21st Century Health Care, massage and retail health care products.  She later expanded her business by hiring other certified massage therapists to promote wellness in the workplace, hence Wellness At Work, LLC was born. As the corporate business grew, Susan recognized the need for a location to provide individual therapies in a relaxing atmosphere.  Susan had several offices over the years where individuals could relax and receive therapeutic bodywork, as well as organic skin and nail care.

She is certified in Touch For Health I and II, a touch and massage modality designed to improve postural balance and reduce physical and mental pain and tension.  Susan’s also certified in Intension Muscle Massage, which employs isometric muscle balancing to correct chronic problems such as TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome and sports injuries.  She uses her training in Swedish and Therapeutic Massage, as well as the modalities mentioned above, to create individualized sessions that promote restoration of the body to optimal health and function

She has successfully completed a course in Canadian Deep Muscle Massage technique, inspired by the works of Therese Pfrimmer, Joseph Pilates, Ida Rolf and Dr. Samuel West, and refined by Will Green.  The technique is firm, focused and thorough, restoring lymph fluid to the muscle fibers.  She also finished a course on Application of Acupuncture Points to Body Work with Dr. Gangyi Dong.

Recognizing the part emotions contribute to the physical body and mental health, Susan has studied with several leading Kinesiology and has completed courses in Stress Release I and II, One Brain, and Health-Related Pleasures.  She educates her clients about various self-help techniques they can do on their own between visits, as well as instructs attendees at workshops and stress relief programs on tools for reducing stress and enhancing health.

Susan cares for her clients holistically and always educates them on ways to enhance their health in a natural, organic way.  She promotes organic eating, non-toxic cleaning agents and organic skin and body care products.  She and her associates only use organic skin and body care products for their clients.  She is also a Certified Ion Cleanse Practitioner, trained by Dr. Ted Winchester of A Major Difference, the only ion cleanse machine patented for safety and effectiveness.  Susan believes the Ion foot bath cleanse can benefit virtually everyone by detoxifying the body in 30 minutes and creating a healthier baseline in the body, allowing the body the opportunity to heal itself.

Susan maintains her status of Licensed Massage Therapist by fulfilling the requirements of the state to take at least 24 continuing education units.

Susan has worked with over 5,000 individual clients in the past 29 years, in addition to thousands more through health fairs, conventions and trade shows.   

Corporate Specialties include: on-site wellness programs in the workplace (chair massage, foot reflexology, aromatherapy, health fairs, classes and seminars on healthy living and organic lifestyle). Also, specializing in working with the medical community and hospital-based wellness, massage and integrative therapy programs. Established wellness and spa services at 3 different hospital locations in NJ and PA.

Susan’s Specialties:  Hospital based wellness and spa services (massage, organic facials and organic hand/foot treatments; postpartum/prenatal and infant massage services/classes).  Individual services include: Muscle Testing with Touch For Health I and II; Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Foot and Hand Reflexology, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Manual Lymph Drainage, Aromatherapy, Hospice and Geriatric Massage, Lymphatic Enhancement therapy; Ion Foot Bath Cleanse, Scalar Cold Laser Therapy

Susan has developed a good working relationship with several area doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and chiropractors.  She provides physician referral forms and receipts to clients, upon request, to assist them in obtaining insurance reimbursement for massage services prescribed for personal injury and workmen’s compensation cases rendered by Blissful Beginnings & Beyond.

Susan has been active in local chambers of commerce for the past twenty five years and has been a member of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Horsham Chamber of Commerce, Willow Grove Chamber and the Valley Forge Visitors Convention Bureau.  She has volunteered her time over the years for PAL, Job Fairs and various charity events. 

Susan and her associated licensed and certified massage therapists and other licensed professionals, have established a track record for excellent service, and a caring, nurturing touch.  Her mission is to continue to research, develop and train herself and her associates to support the growing demand for on-site health promotions, including stress and injury prevention, and promote the positive, healing benefits of touch.

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